Very cool excursions to do with children on Basque Country (December)

 Very cool excursions to do with children on Basque Country (December)

December is approaching. It will be five days of rest, but also a free time that we can take advantage of to take small family excursions near Bilbao.

If the weather is good, we suggest several destinations to go with boys and girls where you can enjoy leisure time with your family and outdoors. Get to know the tradition, magic and art that these corners hide and take note of the following proposals:

Visit the enchanted forest of Egileor

Aitor Gorospe is the creator of this small magical world that you can find on the path that connected Agurain with the Iturrieta mountain range. This path, known as Senda de los Frailes, was a route that the friars used to use more than a hundred years ago.

An example of the small beings that can be found along the path.
An example of the small beings that can be found along the path.

It is a dirt route of easy difficulty, so it is suitable for all audiences. Through it we will access a magical path where we will find forest creatures. Boys and girls will enjoy looking for the different characters in the forest: witches, small fantastic beings and their little mushroom-shaped houses, little forest animals or a giant cyclops that will amaze and surprise the little ones through a route full of surprises. Do not miss it!

Location: Salvatierra- Agurain, Álava.
Route: download the route of the enchanted forest of Egileor.

Be a shepherd for a day

Would you like to be a pastor for a day? In Gorbeia, the Atxeta cheese factory offers a great plan to do with boys and girls. You will meet the brave shepherd dogs and the adorable latxa sheep. In addition, you will be able to see how Idiazabal cheese is made and discover the art behind its production. And of course, you can also taste them!

Date and time: December 6 and 10 at 12:00.
Location: Oleta, Aramaio, Álava
Information and reservations: 615 742 783

Live an adventure in Hontza Extrem

Enjoy a multi-adventure park in the middle of nature, with circuits for all ages, where boys and girls can do a multitude of games and challenges such as nets, trapezes, logs, bridges of all kinds along two circuits that end in two fun zip lines.

Circuit adapted for the little ones.
Circuit adapted for the little ones.

These circuits can be repeated multiple times and feature the Koala continuous lifeline safety system, so families only have to worry about enjoying the experience.

Hours: From 10:00 to 15:00 (last entry).
Location: Oleta, Aramaio, Álava
On the 7th it will be closed.
Information and reservations:

A walk through the Oma Forest

It is now possible to visit El Bosque de Oma, one of the best-known works of the Basque artist Agustín Ibarrola. The landscape and nature are the framework and support to transfer art to the natural environment. The forest is made up of several sets of geometric figures that have been painted on the trunk of radiata pines. Boys and girls will enjoy the game of placing themselves at different points in the landscape and discovering the different proposals that the artist proposes.

Nature as a support for art, in the Oma Forest.
Nature as a support for art, in the Oma Forest.

Remember that, whether you take the free visit or choose the guided tour, in both cases you must pre-book your ticket.

Location: Kortezubi, Bizkaia.

More information:
T. 94 465 16 57

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