Natural pools: enjoy the best natural pools near Bilbao with your family

 Natural pools: enjoy the best natural pools near Bilbao with your family

Enjoying a day at the beach is one of the most common summer plans when the good weather arrives. But it is not the only option to cool off when the heat hits. Natural pools are a perfect alternative to enjoy an unforgettable family plan. Get to know the natural pools in Bizkaia and Euskadi, very close to Bilbao. Take note!

Bolintxu waterfall and natural pool

Less than 7 kilometers from Bilbao we find this unique natural space, in the course of the Bolintxu River. In the bed of this river, surrounded by wooded areas where native vegetation abounds, there is an old dam that forms a natural pool perfect for enjoying a swim.

In the area you will also find numerous hiking trails, perfect for exploring with the txikis.

Natural pool of the port of Elantxobe

Elantxobe is a picturesque town located on the coast of Bizkaia. Walking through its steep streets or having a drink in one of the bars in its fishing port is always a great plan to enjoy with the family. But if we add to all this the possibility of bathing in the natural pool of its port, the plan is perfect. It is a safe and very comfortable pool that txikis will enjoy, while the elderly admire the beautiful views that this enclave offers.

Mutriku Natural Pool

We arrived in Gipuzkoa, specifically, to the town of Mutriku, where we found two Olympic-sized natural pools that, due to the action of the tides, fill and provide unforgettable moments of fun for young and old. When the tide rises, the water in these natural pools is renewed and when it goes down, a wall prevents it from being lost.

These pools, located next to the town’s beach, are open and free, ideal for swimming, diving and practicing water sports, or simply cooling off on hot days. The views are unbeatable and the infinity pool effect, so fashionable today, is one of its greatest attractions.

In addition, the Mutriku natural pools have all the services: parking, showers, bathrooms and fountains. In summer, services are expanded and include a lifeguard, changing rooms, bar and public address system.


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