Escape Room for kids in Bilbao: the most fun escape games for kids

 Escape Room for kids in Bilbao: the most fun escape games for kids

Escape rooms are an exciting and challenging experience for everyone, an adventure full of tests that stimulate ingenuity and teamwork. In Bilbao, you will find options not only for adults, but also for children, because they love this kind of activities, and in addition, they help them to work very interesting skills for them as critical thinking, creativity or collaboration. Do you want to know the escape rooms that offer proposals for children and young people in Bilbao? Here is a selection of them:

1. The Rombo Code

The youngest can enjoy a different activity or an unforgettable birthday doing the activities proposed by The Rombo Code. In addition, it can be done in both Spanish and English.

According to the organizers, children and teenagers are as capable of solving these rooms as adults, it’s in their blood! In addition, it is a unique opportunity to work on skills such as collaboration and teamwork, creativity and the search for solutions or critical thinking, because during the activity they will have to evaluate the different paths to follow.

What is clear is that children and teenagers have a great time in this room. The service for children (from 10 to 15 years old) is available in all its rooms, both in the individual version and in the Rombate mode. At these ages, an adult or the Game Master must be present to guide them. In the case of children under 10 years old, they can participate in a group of adults or a family group.

The organizers recommend starting with “Casanova’s Escape” (somewhat simpler) and later, playing “Behind The Mirror”.

Local 1 : Barrainkua Kalea, 9, 48009 Bilbao.
Contact: 682 467 167 /

2. Virtual Bilbao

Virtual Bilbao offers an escape room for children and young people from 10 to 16 years old. It is an escape room themed on MaxX391, a brain with artificial intelligence to which the governments of the world have entrusted their military secrets, but an error in the system makes it take humans as enemies. The mission of the participants will be to stop MaxX391. The future of the human race will be in their hands!
Do you want to learn more about this experience? Don’t miss the following video:

In this room, groups must be a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8 people and its price is 10 ¤ per person, with a minimum of 60 ¤.

Address: Avda Ferrocarril, 3 bajo 48010 – Bilbao
Telephone: 685 477 783

3. Coco Room

Coco Room is an escape room in Bilbao that has a varied offer of experiences, among which there is a children’s escape room for children from 9 years old and a family escape room. The KIDS games proposed by Coco Room in Bilbao are “Explorers in the Caribbean” and “Cadet School”.

In the first one, children from 9 to 12 years old will have to save the latest archaeological discoveries in the Cairo Desert, avoiding the many dangers hidden in the Valley of the Kings. Quite an adventure!

In the second experience, the children will have to save humanity from a serious threat that only the Cadet School recruits will be able to neutralize. The world trusts you!

Which one do you choose?

Avda Sabino Arana 47, Bilbao.
Telephone: 665 787 236

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