Craving steak? Discover grills and breweries with a children’s area near Bilbao

 Craving steak? Discover grills and breweries with a children’s area near Bilbao

Bilbao and its surroundings are places that offer many gastronomic options to enjoy with the family. One of the most popular gastronomic specialties in the area is the steak or “txuletón”, as it is also known. This cut is one of the most valued by meat lovers and a reason to enjoy around the table. For this reason, there are many restaurants and steakhouses that offer this dish on their menus.

Fortunately, many of them also think about families with children and offer, in addition to the coveted “steak menu”, a privileged environment and a children’s area where the little ones can have fun. Below, we present some suggestions for eating or dining on steak near Bilbao with children:

Mendipe Grill

Asador Mendipe is located on the slopes of Mount Pagasarri, 5 minutes from Bilbao. In a privileged environment, this restaurant is an ideal place to enjoy with the family its traditional cuisine and the wonderful views that the surroundings offer.

Its menu is very varied, and includes specialties such as broad beans with foie, warm octopus salad or one of its star dishes: grilled “txuletón”, garnished and accompanied by local green peppers, in season. It also has an extensive fish menu, among which bream, sea bass, etc. stand out.

It also has a large outdoor terrace and a children’s leisure area, where the little ones can enjoy the surroundings and have a fun time on the swings.

In this area there is also an outdoor dining room, next to the children’s area, where you can eat outdoors while the children enjoy the playground. Within the menu offered in the Asador Mendipe field there are options for all tastes, and that will surely delight demanding children’s palates such as: fries, croquettes, loin with potatoes, etc.

Address: Campa San Justo, 13 48003 Bilbao Bizkaia
Telephone: 944 446 939
Availability: Open all year round (closed on Mondays for weekly rest, except holidays).
Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Kitchen hours: Lunch from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. / Dinner from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. (Sunday night during the summer, only open kitchen).

Urgitxi Grill

Very close to Bilbao, in the municipality of Leioa is Asador Urgitxi, a family restaurant where you will find the best products from the sea and the land in a natural environment, where the little ones can play outdoors, in its large txikipark.

The grill has an outdoor terrace and a covered terrace, as well as indoor dining rooms, so the weather will not be a problem to enjoy its varied menu, which includes meats, such as the traditional txuletón with potatoes and peppers, fish (wild turbot, sea bass wild and a long etcetera).

Children will also be able to find options to their liking such as chicken fingers, potato omelette, ham croquettes, rabas, roast chicken and other specialties that they will surely love.

Getting to the Urgitxi grill by car is easy, as it has a free parking lot for customers with capacity for more than 80 cars.

Address: Santimami 16, Bajo Elexalde (Leioa)
Telephone: 944 643 668

El Molino Brewery Restaurant

The El Molino Berango Brewery Restaurant is located in a strategic location, in the municipality of Berango, halfway between Bilbao and the most visited beach areas in summer, such as Sopelana or Plentzia. Being close to the highway, access to the restaurant is quick and easy. In addition, it has a large parking lot for customers.

The restaurant’s star dish is, without a doubt, the roast chicken, but it also has a tasty steak that is served on a hot stone and that will delight meat lovers. All their products are local and quality, making it a suitable place for lovers of good cuisine.

Children are welcome at El Molino. The restaurant has a large swing and game area where you can have a fun time while the adults enjoy the food.

Address: Arebeta Bidea 11, Berango, Bizkaia
Telephone: 946 680 900

Sopela Brewery

La Cervecera Sopela is a great option for families. Located very close to the beaches of Sopelana and with magnificent views of the sea from the dining room, this restaurant has a dining room, a summer terrace and a playground that adults and children will love.

The Sopela Brewery kitchen offers typical brewery food with a modern touch. Their kitchens produce such exquisite dishes as their roast chicken, the traditional steak or their sartenekos.

In addition, the premises have secure parking and a sports court.

Address: Cervecera Sopela 2014 Playa Atxabiribil, 30 48600 Sopelana
Telephone: 946 766 197

And to whet your appetite, don’t miss this video of the Cervecera Sopela steak making process. Enjoy!

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