Three fun burger restaurants to go to with children in Bilbao

 Three fun burger restaurants to go to with children in Bilbao

Eating in Bilbao is always a good plan, but when we go with children it is not always easy to choose a place where they also find dishes to their liking.

In these cases, hamburgers and hot dogs are usually a foolproof choice for children’s palates. If you are looking for places that offer quality hamburgers and a fun and different atmosphere for the little ones, don’t miss the suggestions we make below: three hamburger restaurants in the center of Bilbao that combine exquisite flavors with a welcoming atmosphere for families.

New York Dinner

Children will enjoy the purely New York atmosphere and the best American music in this place, which also has tasty burgers and food that faithfully reflects the spirit and flavors of the so-called “capital of the world.”

Proposals such as “Little Italy Burguer”, “Bronx Burguer” or “Liberty Burguer” will transport you to the mix of cultures that the Big Apple offers.

In addition, the little ones have a specific menu for them, where they can choose between the Kid burger or a hot dog. They also have a Kids NY or spaghetti menu. You will also love the junior desserts, because they include pancakes, waffles and crepes that can be combined with chocolate, dulce de leche or berries, for example.

Address: Graduate Poza 73, Bilbao
Telephone: 944 398 697

Florida Cafe

Cafetería Florida is another place that does not leave anyone who visits it indifferent, and children are no exception. The little ones will enjoy eating at its original American-style bar, on stools fixed to the floor. Quite an experience.
But the best thing about the place, besides the atmosphere, is its food. Cafetería Florida has been serving delicious burgers, sandwiches, mixed dishes and desserts in Bilbao for more than 30 years, all of them made with quality ingredients.
One of their most coveted specialties is their famous fried onion, which will delight young and old alike, and also their pancakes, with chocolate syrup and homemade cream, which no one can resist.

Address: Calle Rodríguez Arias, nº28 (Plaza Campuzano), 48011 Bilbao
Telephone: 944 411 247


Spacious place in the center of Bilbao, right on Gran Vía, where the little ones can enjoy special burgers for them: the Goiko Kids meat and the Goiko Kids chicken. It also has a second location on General Concha Street, 28.

Adults will also be able to taste some of their specialties, such as the “La Amatxu” hamburger, a burger that is prepared only in Bilbao establishments, and is seasoned with Idiazabal cream cheese, fried mushrooms, Gernika peppers and Batavia lettuce.

Address: Gran Vía de Don Diego López de Haro, 68. 48009 Bilbao
Telephone: 944 340 305

Address: General Concha, 28. 48010 Bilbao
Telephone: 946 959 812

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