Parks in Bilbao: nature and leisure in the city centre

 Parks in Bilbao: nature and leisure in the city centre

Bilbao has numerous municipal parks where you can enjoy nature or take a pleasant stroll with the family. These spaces combine water and vegetation for the enjoyment of Bilbao residents of all ages, and are the perfect oasis for relaxing in good weather.

1. Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park

Casilda Iturrizar Park, also known as Doña Casilda Park, is a municipal park located in the Abando neighbourhood. The park is named after Casilda Iturrizar, who was the benefactor who donated the land on which the park was designed.

Its construction began in 1907 and was the work of the architect Ricardo Bastida and the engineer Juan de Eguiraun, who designed an English-style garden that became the green lung of the city for many years.

The park has a pond with different species of ducks, swans and peacocks (hence its nickname “Duck Park”), a pergola and a cybernetic fountain, prepared to offer water, light and sound shows.

2. Europa Park

Europa Park is a hidden treasure that combines nature and recreational activities for all ages. It is located between the neighbourhoods of Begoña and Otxakoaga-Txurdinaga and Santutxu.

Designed by the architect Manuel Salina, this park has walkways, green areas, ponds and several buildings, including a greenhouse, a pelota court and a kiosk.

After its restoration in 2002, the park also has a children’s, canine and sports area.

3. Etxebarria Park

Located on a hill with panoramic views of Bilbao, Etxebarria Park is in the Begoña neighbourhood, on the site of the former Echevarria steel foundry. After its disappearance as part of the industrial reconversion plan carried out in Bilbao in the 1980s, this area was transformed into a large public park, the largest in the city.

This space preserves, as a reminder of its industrial past, an original chimney from the old foundry, which can be seen from different parts of Bilbao.

The latest remodelling of the park, carried out in 2023, added a forest of almost 10,000 square metres, a pond, wooden walkways and a children’s area with water games, which will delight the little ones on summer days.

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