Different cafes to enjoy with the family in Bilbao

 Different cafes to enjoy with the family in Bilbao

There are days when the simplest plans are the winners: petting a kitten, playing board games as a family or tasting a delicious cake are some plans that you can do close to home, without leaving Bilbao, and that can be filled with fun. and enjoy any moment of the weekend with your family. Below, we suggest several different cafes to go with children or to enjoy and have a drink as a family in Bilbao.

Visit the Cat Café in Bilbao: play and learn with kittens

“The living room of my house” is the name of the first cat café in Bilbao, a place where you can have a drink and pet the kittens. The txikis will be able to enjoy the company of the cats in a relaxing environment, where you can also find sofas, armchairs, a reading area, movies and television series or board games. In short, a quiet and playful space where families can have a snack, rest, while meeting and playing with the kittens.

In addition to being a cafeteria, “El salon de mi casa” is an association that works to find homes for these felines, making it an ideal place for those families who have in mind to adopt a kitten and want to know it in advance and find out about the requirements. and responsibilities that come with taking in an animal.

Children and cats experience

With families in mind, the Bilbao cat café offers an experience designed for families with children over 6 years old. It lasts 60 minutes and costs 10 euros, which includes a series of activities: the txikis will learn about their care and will be able to interact with the kittens safely and under the control of the instructors from “The Salon.” from my house”.

This is an experience that is available during weekends and holidays in the morning, as this is the time when the kittens are most active and most willing to play with the little ones.

Meanwhile, aitas and amas can participate with their txikis or enjoy a moment of rest and have a drink in the cafeteria.

Practical information: 

  • T. 944 080 212
  • E-mail: elsalondemicasa2@gmail.com
  • Web: https://www.elsalondemicasa.com/


Meet “Terri”, the robot waiter who serves cakes in Bilbao

Cafeteria with robot waiter BilbaoIn the heart of Bilbao’s Old Town, specifically on Bidebarrieta Street nº 14, is the cafeteria “Terra Kafe”, a place with a cozy atmosphere that It stands out for its wide variety of coffees and cakes.

The txikis will enjoy their cakes and sweets, as well as milkshakes, smoothies and chocolates. But without a doubt, one of the details that will catch your attention the most will be the presence of “Terri”, a friendly robot waiter, who, according to what they say at “Terra Kafe”, is always in a good mood. “He serves everyone with a smile on his face and a meow!” Without a doubt, txikis will be amazed by the presence of “Terri”, almost as much as by the extensive pastry menu offered by the establishment.

Practical information:

Location: C/ Bidebarrieta, 14, Bilbao.


Cafe bar to play board games in Bilbao

cafeteria with board games in BilbaoAre you passionate about board games in your family? If your txikis are already 8 years old or older, do not hesitate to sign up for this great plan with family or friends in Bilbao. Visit Txoko Tabulo, the first space in Bilbao where you can enjoy a multitude of board games while you eat or have a drink.

The place has dozens of super varied board games to play between 2 and up to 10 players. Txoko Tabulo offers two ways to play: on the one hand, making a contribution of €1 per person each day you come to enjoy Tabulo or a second option, becoming a member for €36 per year and being able to come as many times as you want.

Get to know new board games, since their owners never stop bringing new things to the premises, which include options for all audiences and all numbers of players.

Practical information: 

Location: Belosticalle, 23, Bilbao

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