Sunshine Learning Centres

 Sunshine Learning Centres

Happy classmates raising hands at lesson

Sunshine Learning Centres is a training centre where they not only learn English, but also prioritise verbal communication and help them to think, play and speak in English.

The centre is committed to learning from the age of two and aims to make them feel that learning and having fun are one and the same concept.

Those in charge believe that each person has the capacity to learn English, but that they should do so at their own pace. For this reason, the methodology is adapted to the needs of each student, to help them maximise their potential, and they offer a free class so you can see for yourself!

 Further information:

C/ Rodríguez Arias, 55 B, 48011 Bilbao
C/ Manolo Travieso SN, 48901 Barakaldo

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