Who are we?

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Txikiplan is a leisure magazine for girls, boys and families that is distributed, every two months and free of charge, in different points of the Greater Bilbao area (Bilbao, Barakaldo, Getxo, Portugalete, etc.), in places such as: libraries, tourist offices, museums, bookstores, etc.

In addition, we have a daily updated website where we collect all the plans and the best leisure and cultural activities for families living in or visiting Bilbao and its surroundings.

Our readers are mainly mothers, fathers and families looking to enjoy quality time with their children. This is a very segmented and involved public, looking for quality experiences and offers adapted to children (from 0 to 12 years old).

Txikiplan editorial staff:

If you organize activities, workshops, courses or events aimed at children and family audiences, you can contact us through our e-mail or our social networks.


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Where you can get the Txikiplan magazine:

  • • Arkeologi Museoa / Museo Arqueológico
    • Azkuna Zentroa / MediatekaBBK
    • BilbaoTurismo / Plaza Circular-Guggenheim
    • Bilboko Itsasadarra Itsas Museoa / Museo Marítimo Ría de Bilbao
    • Bilboko Udal Libutegiak / Bibliotecas Municipales de Bilbao
    • Bizkaiko Foru Liburutegia / Biblioteca Foral de Bizkaia
    • Centro Cultural Santa Clara / Portugalete
    • Eleiz Museoa / Museo Diocesano Arte Sacro
    • Euskal Herria Museoa / Museo Euskal Herria
    • Getxoko Udal Liburutegiak / Bibliotecas Municipales de Getxo
    • Librería López / Avda. Neguri, 9. Neguri
    • Liburu eta Paper Denda Itxas-Ikus / Torrene,2. Algorta
    • Liburudenda elkar / Licenciado Poza,14.Bilbao
    • Liburudenda elkar / Zamudioko ataria-Zazpikale.Bilbao
    • Liburudenda elkar / Telletxe,11.Algorta
    • Liburudenda Jakinbide Librería / Ledesma,6. Bilbao
    • Puente Colgante Dendak / Tiendas
    • Re-Read Librería Lowcost / Alameda Urquijo, 79. Bilbao
    • Rialia Museo de la Industria / Paseo de la Canilla, s/n. Portugalete
    • Sala Rekalde Aretoa / Alameda Recalde, 30.Bilbo
    • Turismo: Oficinas de Bakio, Barakaldo, Gorliz, Getxo, Plentzia, Portugalete, Santurtzi, Sopelana